mostMost countries of the world have instituted temporary restrictions on travel with an eye
slowslowing the spread of this new disease within China and throughout the rest of the
world. The
united statesUnited States has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of travellers from
China, especially from
hubeiHubei province. At least on a temporary basis, such restrictions may
belpedhelped slow the spread of the virus:, whereas 78,191 laboratory-confirmed cases badhave
been identified in China as of February 26, 2020,
aand a total of 2918 cases hadhave been confirmed
in 37 other countries or
territoryterritories. As of February 26, 2020, there had been 14 cases
onin America involving travel to China or close contacts with travellers, 3 casecases
among U.S. citizens repatriated from China, and 42 cases among U.S. passengers
repatriated from a cruise ship where the infection had spread

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