Established in London, 2020, Mood Healer has since been focusing since on selling ethically sourced healing crystal stones and organic mood mists based on natural essential oils.
We choose with care and passion every single
crystal that we decide to bring in front of you. We love to interact with each customer, finding their needs and helping them adopt the best healing crystal for their energy, mind, body and spirit.

What are Healing

NaturalTheu are natural crystals formed over a million years ago inside the Earth's crust. They occur when the liquid in the Earth consolidates and the temperature chills.
Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being.

Our bodies are dynamic, electromagnetic organisms
we have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy flowing through us all the time. Crystals are a fun and unique way to help direct and influence that energy towards greater health when used with the right intention.

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