Medicine is my passion. From a very young age, having observed illness and pain among family members and friends, a strong desire to alleviate pain and provide care to fellow human beings had grown in me. This strong desire shaped my education and future career in medicine. It also gradually funnelled my goal - to build my own institution, in my hometown.
My penchant for continuous learning has since egged me to build the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve this dream of mine.

I was one of the dissection
groupgroups in an anatomy Department at Ondokuz Mayis University, and also a member of the teachinga group that arewas teaching undergraduate student’sstudents in a classroom, and even in the laboratory, by assistedassisting with orientation and training of students on lab procedures or techniques, and assessed under graduate student’sunder-graduate students progress with course material using fair and equitable grading policies. One of my othersother duties was conductedconducting seminars and laboratory sessions to supplement lectures.

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