Hi Mrs. S!

I will not be able to make it to
your class tomorrow, so if uyou could getemail me the work I am going toI'll be missing by emailing it
to me
, that would be great. And I didn't getunderstand today's assignment. It was weird.
, I need you to explain it ASAP. I forgot to ask uyou today because I was talking
to Sarah about her boyfriend problems. Don't tell her I told you that
. sheShe will be
. butBut I know uyou won't tell urbecause you're a teacher. My mom wanted me to ask about extra
credit, totoo. Can I get some.some? I have a bad grade. That last test was a doozy. I can
bring in
kleenexKleenex or glue or something like that if uyou will give me points for it.
uryour favorite kind of smoothie? I'll get one for uyou for helping me out. UYou
have always been my favorite teacher
. Except u, except you give out a lot of homework and
make me write essays. Mr. Siwinksi doesn't do that.
UYou should talk to him about
how he does
his class. @ My mom is calling for me to get off the computer. I quess
guess I'll talk to uyou later. Don't forget to give me that stuff I need. I'll do it unless my
teeth itch.


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