A long time before time itself got its name, there lived a creature. Tall, slender, and pale as a long-dead body in the blood-covered snow. It had ancient runes on its back shining like a golden sun in the clear autumn sky through the yellowish oak leaves that are about to fall. The creature never knew anything but an empty space of dry dirt and eternal darkness until that one singular moment.
Everything changed in a blink of an eye. The infinite pupil-dark space started to shake and crumble into pieces of nothing. Mountains collapsed deep into the yawning abyss and muddy lakes began to boil. Then a tiny dot of light appeared in the sky and illuminated all the land above and below.
This enormous amount of light stunned the creature
, and when it finally woke up, it found itself in a completely new, different, scary, colourful, and unexplored land.

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