Eco arts initiativeArts Initiative was established by Eco Arts ltdLtd in order to promote conservation awareness and help young people to live and interact in peace with nature and animals. As well asAlso, to enhance the community livelihood toof the community surrounding RwandaRwandan protected areas. Eco arts is Circlea circle cooperation of Unite de Religion Initiative with the UN status of Social and Economic Development. SECOTO(Sustainable Environmental Conservation Tournament) is the brand of Eco Arts Initiative with a purpose to raise the voicevoices of young people in conservation and assist a new talented generation in football, arts, culture, exploration and entertainment, withto develop the spirit of earth GuardianGuardianship. This project will target 540 young football players and 80,000 audiencespectators from URI country members inon four continents. Among thesethe participants, the beneficiaries are as followfollows: Entertainers, Environmental conservationists, Tourists, and Policy makers. Eco Arts Initiative will access the target countries through partnership,partnerships it has with URI and RDB. So, with this usual collaboration, URI is contacting its country members and international partnerspartner organizations for creatingto create awareness aboutof their participation and the same is being done by RDB. The said problem will be solved by creating awareness through this mega event by gathering this biglarge number of people from Rwanda and abroad, including the targeted category of young people, thatwho will play their role of promoting environmental conservation and tourism in the future for the Worldworld's sustainable economy.

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