FirstThe first time I realized I was having an anxiety attack was a few days ago. It was early morning and I had just finished feeding my little ones and decided to lay back down. Out of nowhere, my heart started pounding really fast, so much so it felt like my heart was going to burst. I also waswas also having a hard time breathing, and all I could think about was not wanting to leave my kids. This wasn’twas the first time this had happened, so I immediately thought the worst. I called someone, but they couldn’t be there for me, so I went to the one person I knew could. I decided to drive to my mommom's house while trying to stay focused, which was sooso hard. My mom really helped me understand what was happening. She helped me calm down and relax. So to the people that’sthat are going through anxiety alone and have little ones, this podcast may help you understand what’s happening and how to deal a little bit better.

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