After visiting three different salons, I was able to pick out some differences and similarities between them. Each visit held a different experience, all were good, some more professional than others. Each salon was designed differently, and each was run differently.
My first visit was at a local barber shop in my town. Compared to my other visits, it was ranked two. Although the barber shop was very professional, it could not completely match up to Ohannah’s Hair Studio. At the barber shop, there was only one chair for styling, one mirror, and a bigger waiting area than the actual styling area. Ohannah’s Hair Studio had multiple styling booths, and a small waiting area. The barber shop was a
walk inwalk-in shop, so you could just walk in and claim your spot in the chair. At the salon, you’d have to schedule an appointment prior to the day you’d like to receive your service. Professional wise, both salons/shops had the proper sanitation tools, respectful language throughout the salon, and provided great experiences for clients and myself.
While my first two visits were similar experience
wise, my visit at Carrie’s dollhouse was very opposed. The salon sometimes lacked professionalism, but it was the one of all my visits that felt at home. In the professional category, Carrie’s Dollhouse falls way under Ohannah’s hair studioHair Studio. There was sometimes profanity used throughout the salon at Carrie’s Dollhouse, and times where the stylist did not have all the products needed to complete the service. The way both salons run are also very different. Carries Dollhouse was a salon where stylists rented booths. There were four stylists who each had their own booths, and had to provide their own products. There was also no retail being sold at the salon while Ohannah’s Hair Studio sold plenty. The owner of Ohannah’s Hair Studio also always worked in the salon, contrasting from the owner of Carrie’s Dollhouse.
Each salon held some type of similarity, but also held many divergent factors from the interior design to the way the salons were run. Although some lacked professionalism, there was not one salon that was horribly run. Each salon provided me with a different experience that can help me when planning out my salon.

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