My mother has undergone a significant change in a negative direction. At over 60 years old, and with my father having passed away several years ago, she leads a quiet life with no intention of change. Thanks to the conscientious efforts of her four children, everything has been smoothly managed, from university education to daily activities.

We collectively decided to take care of our mother on a daily basis, with my older brother and his wife ensuring the provision of nutritious meals. Everyone in the family contributes financially to share the burden of expenses and ensure that our mother has the best in everything, from health to nutrition and even occasional trips.

However, recently
, we have started to notice a change in my mother's spirit. Instead of focusing on the family, she has begun dedicating time to personal entertainment activities. Joining music clubs and aimlessly wandering throughout the day raises concerns for us. She even skips meals to participate in these activities.

There's also
been a shift in her fashion choices, buying clothes more suitable for a younger crowd, leading to controversy and criticism from those around her. It's becoming increasingly apparent that my mother is changing not only in behavior but also in spirit. All efforts to talk and encourage her have failed to alter this course.

We are worried about her health, not only physically but also mentally. Despite our attempts to involve her in family activities and travel, she continues to focus her attention on the virtual world and the clubs she is participating in.

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