I wasused to be just like everyone else. I mean, I went to school and dressed the same as everyone else, but I suppose I was never normal. I was a typical 15-year-old girl with black hair and blue eyes that glistened a sea green in the light.
Up until a couple of days ago I was happy, it. That was, whenuntil I came home after visiting the shops to find my parents' bodies on the floor, innocent blood all over the place, and their faces twisted in horror. I had nothing left but them, and now they were dead.
I knelt down next to my parents' lifeless bodybodies, tears streaming down my face as I looked into their lifeless and colourless eyes. For a brief moment, it was only me and my thoughts, but then I heard the blurred outfaint sounds of police sirens. When the police came inarrived, I couldn't move. itI felt like I was frozen, so I just sat there with tears flowing down my cheeks until the policeman yanked me away from the cold, lifeless bodybodies and hastily wrapped me in a blanket before settingtaking me down outside. When the policeman finally approached me, he started to take me to his car so we could go to the station. It felt like I had been sitting there for a lifetime without my parents.

I had stopped crying when we arrived at the station
, and; I was only emotionless. I had no feelings; it was like I had been eaten by the darkness. I wentwas put straight tointo the questioninginterrogation room after we reached the police station. The room was painted a fullcompletely white but the paint had started to pilepeel showing a yellow undertone, there. There was one metal table and a plastic chair as well as a metal one. The handcuffs were engraved onattached to the table and there were at least 4four cameras in the tiny, boxboxy room. The first officer left the room asand as I looked at the wooden door and, another one entered.
Then the questions started.

“So, do you know if there is somebody who would wish to harm your parents?”, the policeman asked in a low, deep voice. I basically sat there and shrugged without
making anysaying anything meaningful movement. The officer gave me a quick glance before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.
That’s when I saw them again. I saw my parents' lifeless bodies on the floor with blood all over them and it was all I could think about.

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