January 25, 2024
To Whom It May Concern:
I am honored to recommend Ava Wesner as a candidate for the SME Education Foundation Scholarship. Ava has a drive for excellence
, and a desire to succeed, that ensures her academic and future career success. Remaining committed to following early high school dreams, she has chosen the study of engineering.
Ava graduated as a top achieving student at Posen High School. As the ratio of one teacher to 20 students has many advantages, giving each student the opportunity to
exceedexcel and be successful, there are also limits to the college-bound students' experience. Ava knew that at Michigan State University she would have many challenges because of the limited curriculum Posen High School can provide. Though this ratio allows for a personal curriculum for most students, it cannot replace the challenges that are provided in AP courses. As a sophomore in high school, knowing she needed to be as prepared for college as possible, she enrolled as a dual credit student, taking classes through Alpena Community College and Posen High School.
This year, Ava has worked tirelessly learning to be a student at Michigan State University, successful in each of her courses. She has continued to be driven and remains committed to her goal. Her personal growth has continued with the invitation and participation in the MSU-Phi Sigma Rho Sorority. This organization has given Ava the opportunity to contribute through volunteer and community service programs. It has also led to her personal growth professionally and personally.
Ava has built a community of friendships and peer relationships
bythrough the investment she has made in her classes and group projects. She has grown as a young lady, leaving behind a community of 500 people to join a community that numbers over 50,000 members. Though this certainly was an overwhelming experience within a 24-hour period, Ava has become an active member by integrating herself in this new world.
Thank you for your time and consideration concerning Ava Wesner. I feel confident assuring your organization that she will certainly be a successful student during her time at Michigan State University.

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